Snowed In

December 17, 2009 | Leave a Comment

The weather here’s really been shaping up for the Holidays, with some lovely snow coming down especially in the past few days.  It’s making the whole place seem festive.  At least that’s what I’m told.  For me, it’s just one massive white carpet of danger as I drive, walk, and attempt to heat my house.

But here at work, it’s also turned out to be a bit of entertainment.  Entirely accidentally, Phil had his intern Kelvin stay overnight to finish some mundane-but-laborious task that Phil really shouldn’t have left to the end of the year.  And while Kelvin was here overnight doing it, it snowed a lot — several inches in fact.  Here’s where it got interesting.

The snowplows came out the next morning early to clear the parking lot, but Kelvin’s was the only car there.  So they plowed the snow all around his car, blocking him in.  We didn’t even realize it until we came in the next morning and he was still in his suit from the day before.  Then he pointed outside and explained, and all the while, more snow fell softly outside.

Well Tammy couldn’t leave this alone.  She went outside with two big buckets of water and soaked the snow piled around Kelvin’s ride.  It promptly froze, entombing Kelvin’s Geo Metro into a car-shaped glacier that would probably be impenetrable until early-Spring.

And then Fred made up something to force Kelvin to stay all night again.  So we came back in the morning and he was in the same clothes now for the third day.  And honestly this prank was starting to cross the line between hilarious and unsanitary.  I’m not sure where he hid all day, but Kelvin managed to keep anyone from finding him and giving him another all-night task, and a friend must have picked him up and driven him home.

Normally that’s where our little joke would end, but it appears that our timid little intern finally found his backbone.  I’ll explain.  I suspect he went to Home Depot and rented a jackhammer, because when we came in the following morning, his car had been freed from its icy prison.  Bully for him, but the best part we didn’t even realize until Tammy came in later.

It seems someone had jackhammered up her reserved parking space.  Touche, little man.  Touche indeed.

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