Home Cookin’

May 21, 2010 | 5 Comments

Everyone knows I can’t cook.  So instead of eating out all the time, I promised my boyfriend that I’d treat him to some home-cooking.  I wanted to start with a Boston cream pie recipe, I knew it’d be too messy.  Instead, I called his mom and got one of their family recipes.  She was really nice to me and told me that her son loved one particular thing that he’d enjoyed for a long time.

“Honey,” she told me confidentially, “You really should smoke his sausage.”

I was perplexed, because I’d been handling his sausage ever since our first date.  Sometimes I’d pan-fry it, sometimes I’d boil it, sometimes simmered in a light sauce.  But this was a new angle.  His mom bought me a smoker and showed me how to use it.

“Careful with the smoke,” she warned me, as I was trying it myself for the first time.  “You don’t want it too thick or else it won’t be even all the way around.”  After a few minutes of her watching me (and evern showing me by smoking a few herself), she declared me a pro and said that she’d let me smoke her son’s sausage any time.

“In fact,” she said, “My husband’s been having me smoke his sausage for years.  Some people say variety is the spice of life, but maybe those folks never had a sausage smoked the way I do.  It’s pretty special.”

I had to agree with her.  Wouldn’t you?

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