So you probably were holdin’ your breath waiting to hear how things turned out with the Surface.  In case you didn’t tune in for that little episode, through circumstances entirely beyond my control and accidental in nature, I … um … rendered the touch-sensitive surface into a non-uniform state in terms of its flatness.

Well last you tuned in I was up the East River without the proverbial paddle vis-a-vis fixing the thing.  And no way was I gonna be able to buy a new one.  And abso-freakin-lutely no way was I going to dig into my budget from the coffee sales, and ever since Tom slashed budgets, let’s just say that large line item allocations get a bit more scrutiny than before.

I was racking my brain trying to think up a way out of it with nothing coming to me.  Until I figured it out.  I’d just do what I’m famous for — shipping stuff.

Of course since the Surface was just a loaner that our IT eggheads were borrowing for a few days, we had to get it back to Microsoft.  So I went in and told ’em no problem, I’d pack it up and ship it back.  When they asked what we were going to do about the scratch, I said “No biggie guys.  I got your back.”

I packed it up.  And then I wrapped it up real nice-like and shipped it back.  Only I did a little of my magic on the shipping label.  I can’t say what specifically because, well then you’d just set up shop and do it cheaper, right?  Anyway apparently when it finally arrived at Microsoft, they opened the box and the debris poured out like sand from Coney Island.  I guess all that stuff really is just a bunch of silicon.  Who’da thought.

So there we are, problem solved, right kids?  Well I guess we’ll see.  I’ve been around this shipping business too long to think that nobody pays when a package “goes to dust” like that.  Let’s just hope old Hal stays in the clear.  I mean we’re cool here, right?

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