The Aftermath

July 31, 2008 | Leave a Comment

You can imagine my surprise when I learned that nearly everything around the office that had been wrong in the past two weeks had been the result of an escalating series of pranks between Tammy and Fred. Note I said nearly everything … Anyway, after Tammy got into her little batch of legal trouble, I knew it was time to step in and lead this rag-tag bunch out of their morass of petty office shenanigans and into the moist, fertile valley of professionalism. And I knew who needed to step up and lead them. The call for leadership was sounding in my head like a klaxon, and I heard it loud and clear.

I called in a consultant.

The good folks at Empathux, Inc. are experts at helping struggling organizations cope with "Acute and Chronic Empathy Deficits". I’d used them a couple of times before and knew they could get results when everyone else came up short. And by everyone else, I mean the HR department, counselors from the police department, my daughter’s copy of Organizational Psychology for Preteens , and those folks in the so-called "medical profession." Pffft. Lots of help they were.

Anyway, Empathux had really sorted things out after that time Jones went wacko-jacko and started spooning ice cream into the fax machine, saying he’d received word of a fudge ripple shortage in Denmark and was faxing some to them until more could arrive by autogyro from Bangalore. Or when Fred pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the building, then got all the employees on a bus that drove us to Tijuana. It was actually a pretty good time until we tried to get back across the border but no one had brought their passports. Fortunately that guy in the International Division knew someone, and a mere six days later we were back in the office. Yeah, thank goodness Empathux was there to help us through it all, to help us realize that Fred was just crying out for attention, and that the rest of us were the real problem.

So I put in the call without hesitation. They’re coming to the office next week, and I scheduled a mandatory half-day employee meeting so we can work out whatever is wrong with us all (and by us , I mean them ). I just pray I got to this in time, before we hurt Fred any more by ignoring his cries for help.

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