So I know what you’re thinking.  What became of Rick?  Oh, that wasn’t what you were thinking huh?  Well then I don’t want to know.  Let’s just pretend that it was what you were thinking.

Well Rick quit the company a while back, which left Finance without a member on Doogleheimer & Schmitt’s Leadership Team.  Those are the folks that some people consider the six people most responsible for our branch’s overall mediocrity:  Jan, Phil, Tammy, Bob, Tom (of course), and now … me.

It seems like my entire time with this company I’ve been able to blame our budget constraints, market share losses, and floundering morale on the “six pack” and their general incompetence.  In what seems like the most cruel joke of all, I’m being asked to step up and become part of the problem.  So what do I do?

I could use this promotion as an opportunity to promote my agenda.  And by that I mean emergency preparedness.  Or I could fight the system from within and work to restore a small measure of competence to the Leadership Team’s otherwise rudderless dingy on the high seas of business, where cutthroats, pirates, picaroons, buccaneers, privateers, mouseketeers, and other assorted sea-going rogues lie in wait for the hapless and ill-prepared.

Yes I can see it now, old steady-Neddie steers the ship-of-commerce through the treacherous straits, with the brain-eating zombies of competition on one side and the soul-sapping malaise of leadership absence on the other.  I know who’s gonna save this branch.  It’s gonna be me.

This is going to be very sweet, indeed.  I can’t wait to get to work!

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