This marks our 100th post on the BlackBookBerry.com blog, and as a kind of special treat Tony and I wanted to explain a little about how we came to create NBI LLC, dream up the BlackBookBerry, and begin writing our commercials and blog posts.  This will be a two-part post, and today we’ll describe the background for our creative venture.

The story actually starts over two years ago.  Tony had shown me a video he made for his brother’s website (the now-defunct gochongo.com), and the absolute hilarity of it made me ask him to be part of his next comedy sketch.  Soon after that, he and I wrote something for another gochongo competition, The Joy Junk Club, where a colleague and I went into the DMV and attempted to register her “junk,” with the joke being on the fact that she had a picture of a junk-rigged boat (a junk) that she was supposedly trying to register, but all of her lines could be interpreted as referring to her backside.

From there, we made a commercial for a fake product.  I wrote the script for “Metamuce-ale” — the fiber enhanced beer for folks who have a little trouble staying regular.  Made form the finest water, rice, hops, and raw cabbage.  You can see this and The Joy Junk Club if you subscribe to our youtube feed (look for blackbookberry and subscribe).


Anyway Tony and I work for large midwest companies in their IT departments, and we noted that even though everyone in the marketing and sales departments got a blackberry (including the summer interns and co-ops), folks like the two of us who could really use them ended up getting our requests repeatedly denied.

One day in a meeting, Tony was scribbling in a small black notebook.  Someone asked what it was, and he said that it was his “black-book-berry,” and that it had all the features of their PDAs and paging devices, at a fraction of the cost.  When they asked how he sent messages, he explained that he just wrote it on a page and then threw the book at them.  This became the joke behind one of our first videos, “Instant Messaging”.  Slowly over time, he and I realized that we had a great idea, and we started writing scripts around the “features” of the BlackBookBerry and the benefits of our notebook over the electronic devices with which it competed.

Coming up on Monday, Part 2 of our BBB history lesson:  scripts, videos, blog entries, and the product itself.

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