Naming Rights

October 26, 2009 | Leave a Comment

I’ve had a new project I’ve been working on.  I can’t really say much about it, except that after doing a bunch of development work on it, I was ready to show it to Tom.  When I did, he liked it and was ready to green-light it for Corporate to review.  But there was one problem.

“It needs a catchy name.”


“You know, something interesting, succinct, yet mysterious.  Something that’ll catch your eye.”

“You mean like those little hooks they used to latch screen doors?”

“You know what I mean.  Now get to it.”

So I went back to my office and thought about it.  Over dinner, Chip reminded me that the Marketing department at Corporate had a Brand Creative group that could be consulted for naming things.  I sent them an email and asked for a name suggestion.  I sent them some preliminary work on the product for inspiration and waited.

Two days later, the answer came back.

“In response to your request for a ‘Brand alternative line-extension, suggestion for appellation and catch-phrase’, we have suggested the following: BALSAC.  Please process the following cross-requisition in the amount of $3000 for creative services to your branch.”

Obviously I was non-plussed.  All they’d done was take the request I submitted and made an acronym out of the words in it.  And then they’d had the audacity to charge me $3000 for it.  This kind of stuff might fly at Corporate, but not here at Branch #7 where people work for a living!  Chip and I talked it over and he came up with an observation.

“Well, they showed you how they work.  If you’re not emotionally attached to taking credit for the name, you can try this …”  It was perfect.  I resubmitted the paperwork:

“We have received your recommended name and cross-requisition.  Management-level rejection requires we resubmit and request a new alternative for our “Change-hardened inspirational product with increased cost holding.”

I received the answer back this morning.  Behold, the CHIPWICH.

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