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My drive in this morning was a mess.  Kindof like when my roommate used PGP encryption instead of RSA for his SNMP email gateway authentication.  What an idiot.  Anyway, so I was driving along, taking down some notes on the new email server config files in my BlackBookBerry and suddenly there were these lights flashing in my reaview mirror.  No, not like that time near Roswell.  This was just the police.  So I pulled over and got out my license and registration.  The officer came to my window, which I rolled down for him.

“Good morning, officer.  What seems to be the trouble?”

“Good morning.  Can I see that item on the seat next to you?”  He pointed to my BlackBookBerry with his truncheon.  I reached over and handed it to him.  “You were operating this device while driving, do you know that, sir?”

I nodded.  “Is there a problem with that?”

“Sir, there’s a law agianst using certain devices while operating a motor vehicle.”

“What device?  It’s a notebook!”

“Sir, can you use this device to send messages wirelessly?”  I said of course.  He continued, “And can you use it to transfer data securely?”  I had to admit that you can do that with a BlackBookBerry.  “And it has a silent ring feature?”  I shrugged my shoulders, defeated.  “Sir, you cannot be using the device while operating a motor vehicle.”

He tore a slip of paper off his pad.  “Now I’m just giving you a warning, but if it happens again, you’re gonna get a fine.  Is that clear, sir?”

“Very clear, officer.”

“Good.  Now you drive safely, sir.”  And with that, he handed back my BlackBookBerry and I drove the rest of the way to work with my BlackBookBerry in the back seat.  So just as a reminder, don’t let this happen to you.  Use your BlackBookBerry responsibly.  Or maybe find a handsfree thing or something.

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