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This past Friday we had our annual office holiday party, and though I typically shun these kinds of gatherings this year I felt it my duty to attend and document any violations of policy so that we would be able to address them in the upcoming year.  I take this solemn responsibility on myself not because I like playing the part of Commander Buzzkill, but simply because it’s my job.  It just so happens that I like my job and do it very well, thank you so much.

In the course of a few short hours I noted numerous violations of office protocol.  Among these were the following:

I won’t even go into the violation of the time limits applicable to company-sponsored parties.  Suffice it to say that when I woke up in Jane’s cube with the lampshade from Tom’s office on my head, I knew we had exceeded our allotted time and I would need to write that up also.

Just the part about the time.  Not the other stuff of course.

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