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Let’s not kid each other.  You know exactly who I am.  You watched my video over and over again, and you know exactly why I’m the number one salesperson in the entire Doogleheimer & Schmitt sales division.  It’s because I deploy my best assets and make the biggest impression I can when I work with my clients and customers.  Of course this makes some of the other sales staff jealous, but I’m not going to let a bunch of haters and jealous-nellies keep me from racking up the big scores.

Oh you caught my little joke, didn’t you?  You’re so cute.  Now you just pull your chair up here next to mine and let me show you what we’ve got coming up in our spring line.  Oh c’mon, you can get closer than that.  I don’t bite.  Or do I?  You’re good for two dozen, aren’t you?  A big boy like you might need three though, right?  Yeah, I thought so …

You see, it’s that easy.


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