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I’m not one to brag, but I’ve got the best network of anyone here at Doogleheimer & Schmitt.  If I need to leverage my influence skills, I can get pretty much whatever I need.  And what I need now is information.  Tom’s been in meetings and phone calls with someone every time I’ve stopped by his office.  And when I ask whoever the receptionist for the week is, all she ends up saying is some version of “I wish I could tell you, sir, but Tom said not to and I really need to keep this job.”

When I call around Corporate, I get the same thing.  A bunch of “Hey, Phil, nice to hear from you.  Oh, can’t say anything about what’s going on.  Very hush-hush.  I’d get canned in a minute.”

This, by the way, is making me crazy.  Because here I am — my awesome network of contacts built up over years of favors cannot get me the one piece of information I so desperately need:  WTF is going on here and how do I make sure I end up on top?

I’ve started doing crazy stuff, just to see what happens.  I’ve managed to get Ned sent off to hand-to-zombie training school in Bucharest, I’ve requisitioned a hot tub for the building, we now get premium box lunches in the break room three days a week, and I had my reserved parking spot paved over with rhinestones.  That last one was a long-shot and really more of an extravagance than anything I could say had measurable business value, but that’s not the point.

The point is that no one’s looking at the cash flow right now.  This means one of two things: we’re either sinking so fast that they’ve got bigger problems than a few thousand for this or that or … things are going so well that we’ve got the free cash to absorb my profligate spending.

I don’t know which is better for me, but it doesn’t matter.  This whole thing is just corporate motion.  And like Tony Robbins says, “Motion creates emotion.”  So here I go creating some emotion.  Do you feel it?  I sure do!  Yeah, let’s do this thing!  Woohoo!

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