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May 3, 2010 | Leave a Comment

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Ever since Ginger left in March, things have been a mess around here.  And by a mess, I mean barely-managed-chaos on a day-by-day basis.  Each week we’ve gotten a new secretary (which is just about as long as they last, though sometimes shorter), and it’s been this parade of well-mannered, good-intentioned folks who hope to success and make a difference at Doogleheimer & Schmitt, and just support us all as we work hard and do our jobs.  Unfortunately, it never quite works out that way.

Between Jan making decidedly non-secretarial demands, Tom making every excuse under the sun why he won’t take calls from Corporate HR, Rachel demanding copy after copy of the dress code, the computer use code, the expense reimbursement policy, and the branch manager’s handbook be printed up and distributed to the employees, no temp we get ends up having any time to do anything that’s on his or her official job description.  So come Friday (if they haven’t quit already), we end up having to ask for a replacement because, well, stuff just didn’t get done.

Until the new gal showed up.  I think she had us whipped into shape in a matter of days just by saying “No.”  And it was not a selective negative attitude designed to allow her to cherry-pick her alliances among the powerful and influential movers and shakers of Branch 7.  No, indeed it was a blanket “No” designed to enforce good boundaries, maintain her professional dignity, and ensure her job would be completed satisfactorily.

I bet she doesn’t last two weeks.

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