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Okay, I’m going to defy my normal operating protocol and let you in on a little detail of my operation.  You gotta promise not to tell anyone about this because it’s classified level: Cayenne.  Yes, my secret levels are peppers.  What are yours?  Colors?  Oh c’mon.  That’s soooo Homeland Security.  Don’t bring your weak-sauce “color scheme” B-game when you’re playing on my court, kiddo.

Anyway I play golf once a month with a guy I know at our arch-competitor, Nussey, Zucker, and Milch.  It’s a casual game, or so I’d like him to think.  The truth is that I use it to ferret out intel from him about how things are going with them.  I’m mostly interested in the usual stuff that it in that fertile area below company top secrets (like what are their financials like this quarter) and above thinly-veiled intentional marketing leaks (Oh wow, did I leave my top-secret prototype iPhone at the bar?  Man, I need to be more careful with that thing or Steve’s gonna be ticked!).

So there’s not much to report this month, but let’s just say I need to make sure I don’t cancel next month, since I’ve got a big feeling that they’re on the verge of making some kind of big announcement and I need to get the jump on it.  My guy was acting all cagey, but he let me take a second mulligan on the back nine.  My research shows when he does that, they announce a new product an average of 6.8 weeks later.

You see?  That’s why I got game, kid.  Keep your eyes and ears open and you might learn a few things.

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