Here’s what some of our BlackBookBerry users and fans are saying about us:

“I was in a fender-bender last Friday and I whipped out my BlackBookBerry and quickly recorded all aspects of the parties involved, times, dates, insurance, etc… It was very handy when I was relaying the info to my insurance agent who commented that I had SO much more info than she had ever gotten from an insured (or from a police report) …all thanks to my BlackBookBerry.” – Mark Weaver

The WORM Drive

“I love the BlackBookBerry fan page [on Facebook]. The website is easy to navigate and very entertaining! The technology spoof, witty office satire, and quirky characters are extremely creative. It’s really well-done and intelligently funny. I passed the link on to several friends and family members. I’m hooked.” – Jori Nicholas

The WORM Drive

“So true. Very funny.” – Valerie Edge

Thanks folks! And keep those comments coming. We love hearing from you!

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