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We get a lot of folks asking us, “Hey, what’s with the graph?  You guys have that crazy thing plastered everywhere.  It’s even in the background in your commercials.”  You’re right, it is indeed.  It’s an emblem of everything we’re about here at BlackBookBerry.  No, not meaningless and cryptic pictures that serve no purpose other than cheap, distracting decoration.  It does do that, but so much more too.  And you can clearly see, once we hit on something that works, we work it until it’s used up like Wilford Brimley’s career.

“But what does it mean?” you whine.  Well, the two curves are technology, which sweeps right as complexity increases, and expectations, which correspondingly plummets from top to bottom as technology inevitably disappoints.  We at BlackBookBerry noticed that there are plenty of examples out there of high tech meeting low expectations — think about all those complicated and expensive gadgets that just end up frustrating you because the instructions are incomprehensible, it takes too many steps to do something simple, or they’re too fragile to use in the real world.  That’s the exact opposite of what we’re about.

We’re all about that sweet spot, where low tech meets high expectations™.  Think about what kind of world it would be if every device worked like a BlackBookBerry:  reliable in every possible business circumstance, so simple to use that even your grandmother can just pick it up and use it, and rugged to the point of near-indestructibility.  Now that’s a product that people can really use!  Sure, we could go on at length about the benefits of the BlackBookBerry over other office products, things like its built-in support for multiple languages, its ability to transfer data securely, and it’s “silent ring” setting, but it’s all summarized right here:

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