Like everything we do, we take your privacy very seriously here at BlackBookBerry. We don’t store your personal information. As soon as you give it to us we scatter it to our “partners” in Chile, Tajikistan, Nepal, China, and the former Soviet Union. That way, there’s no chance of anyone cracking our fortress of security to get at your sensitive data.


We don’t log your activity, or the activity of the hackers, or the NSA or any other government foreign or domestic.

We like cookies.

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We cannot be held responsible for other sites that have sent you here. It’s obvious that they don’t value your patronage as we do. We’re much happier when you’re spending all of your valuable internet time on our site so you’ll be hard pressed to find a link out of here.

We won’t spam your e-mail unless you give us your e-mail address. I mean, how would we get your address anyway. We promise not view your e-mail address because the e-mail address by itself isn’t funny and we don’t like looking at long lists of unfunny stuff which is why we don’t let Hal or Brad post to the blog.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time, at our whim, and for no good reason. We probably won’t because we’ll be too busy with other things like living La Vida Loca on our yacht.

Ok…what is it REALLY?

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